Microscope adapter fr any still digital camera buy $150


Subject: Microscope adapter fr any still digital camera buy $150
This high quality microscope adapter is made from BRASS and not aluminium or plastic (like others available on the internet) giving it much more flexibility to adapt the camera threads and preventing any damage to them.
Further we are using EWF (Extra Wide Field) 10x photo eyepiece.
What this means is that you can take great pictures using your camera without using the full optical zoom.
Our Lenses have Three coatings
* Anti Relection (For superb anti glare pictures)
* Anti Fungus (More life for your Adapter)
* Hard Coating (Preventing scratches in case of any misuse)
* All you require is a microscope trinocular port with 23mm DIA
* Universal adapter with X-Y-Z movements suitable for almost all digital cameras
* Provided with Photo-EyePiece
1. Place the adapter onto phototube of the microscope and put a photo eyepiece with or without ring (depending on par- focal length) into the photo tube
2. Mount the digital camera to the mounting screw of the adapter. Adjust the position of the camera so that the lens of the camera is placed at the center of the photo tube. After the adjustment, tighten each clamp to fix the camera.
3. Switch the camera on and make surethat you can see the image on the viewfinder of the camera properly. If necessary, readjust the position of the camera.
4. Focus the image with focussing knobs of the microscope. The focussing can be also done with a diopter adjustment ring if available on the trinocular port
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