Microcurrent, non surgical pain relief physical therapy


Subject: Microcurrent, non surgical pain relief physical therapy
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The Electro Acuscope and Myopulse, FDA Approved Class II Medical Devices, are microcurrent therapy units that introduce a low voltage microcurrent through injured tissue. While many other electro-therapies mask symptoms by temporarily short-circuiting pain impulses, Electro Acuscope and Myopulse therapy work to restore the natural electrical balance of the cells to facilitate tissue repair at the cellular level. The healing process is thereby accelerated; pain relief and improvement in mobility are usually immediate. This therapy has been in use for over twenty years with dramatic results in a wide range of ailments.
The Electro-Acuscope and Electro-Myopulse are top-of-the-line Microcurrent devices which offer significant versatility in frequencies, current ranges and application modes. Proprietary circuitry enables the machines to self-adjust the treatment output signal based on biofeedback signals from the patient. These features allow an extremely high success rate (90%+) in addressing the pain associated with a very broad range of ailments and traumas, including:
Purchasing the Electro-Acuscope and/or Electro-Myopulse from Empirical Enterprise store can enhance your effectiveness in operating the equipment due to their ability to:
-provide complete training on the operation of the equipment. Empirical Enterprise is an authorized Training Facility for the Thorp Institute, an industry leader and pioneer in Microcurrent Therapy.
-Empirical Enterprise is able to provide three levels of training (Specific Treatment Application, General Treatment Application and Thorp Institute Qualification) suited to your intended use of the Electro-Acuscope and Electro-Myopulse.
-Empirical Enterprise can travel to your site to perform training. This eliminates the need for Healthcare Professionals to close their offices to attend remote training classes.
-The Empirical Enterprise Technician Team has over 2,000 hours of direct experience with the equipment. They also have direct access to the Thorp Institute Protocols which have been developed during the last twenty years and over 50,000 treatments.
-Empirical Enterprise will continue to provide support in answering questions about equipment utilization and treatment therapies for as long as you own the equipment.
For the Health Care Professional, purchase of the Electro-Acuscope and Electro-Myopulse is a means to significantly increase your revenue stream and provide your clients/patients with a proven Therapeutic Solution which:
Ø addresses conditions often unsuccessfully addressed by traditional Western Medicine
Ø employs FDA approved equipment
Basic Explanation of MicroCurrent: Microcurrent is an electrical treatment modality providing current in millionths of an ampere that has the ability to relieve pain, increase the rate of wound healing, increase protein synthesis, stimulate the regeneration of injured tissue, stimulate lymphatic flow, relieve myofascial trigger points, and change scar tissue.
A "micro" current (microamp = uA) is a measurement of electricity that is so small that it is subsensory and does not, for example, stimulate muscular contraction as other higher current milliamp TENs units do. Microamperage current is very close to the current that our bodies produce. As a result, Microcurrent applied to injured tissue supports the natural current flow in the tissue, allowing cells in the traumatized area to regain their capacitance.
Each living cell is surrounded by a membrane which separates the world within the cell from its exterior. As Drs. Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann proved in their Nobel Prize winning research, in this membrane are ion channels through which the cell communicates with its surroundings and perform their normal metabolic functions, for example the infusion of energy and elimination of waste products. Incredibly small electrical currents (amounting to a picoampere - 10-12A) pass through a single ion channel. The regulation of ion channels influences the life of the cell and its functions under normal and pathological conditions.
The proper, or natural, electrical potential of the cell is critical to the effective operation of the ion channels. However, trauma affects the electrical potential of the damaged tissue. The injured area has a higher electrical resistance than the surrounding tissue. This decreases electrical conductance through the injured area, and decreases cellular capacitance, leading to impaired functioning of the ion channels, resulting in the cell’s inability to generate energy and eliminate toxins.
The application of microcurrent has been found to have a profound positive influence on returning traumatized cells to their normal electrical balance by reducing the traumatized cell’s resistance and restoring normal capacitance. Once balance has been restored, cells are able to regain their appropriate capacitance, allowing proper operation of their ion channels which facilitates the influx of nutrients and elimination of waste products. In short, the cell returns to a healthy metabolic state.
Different cells respond differently to varying microamperage, frequency levels and treatment duration. Optimum benefits are achieved when the microcurrent level, frequency and duration are matched specifically to the type of tissue being treated or the type of trauma suffered.
The Electro-Acuscope and Electro-Myopulse provides “Best-in-Class” results for Microcurrent Therapy.
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