Mi-jack 800C travel lift mobile gantry crane 90K lb cap


Subject: Mi-jack 800C travel lift mobile gantry crane 90K lb cap
Mi-Jack Model 800C Travel Lift Mobile Gantry Crane with approx. 90,000 lb. Capacity
1. Cummins Diesel Engine (Model NTTA-833GC-1)
2. Engine Panel; including oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, voltmeter, hour meter remote start and stop
3. Generator (Model 502FDR 7022) 350KW rating
4. Tires - 24:00x49(4) - 42 Ply, high floatation
6. Enclosed traveling operator cab with Operator high-back cushioned seat mounted on a 270 degree rotating pedestal for maximum comfort and optimum safety. Area provided for mounting of locomotive remote control.
12. Sound powered ground to cab communications
18. Ampmeter and volmeter for each motor
20. Joy stick controls for all functions
21. Hydraulic oil low level indicators
22. Two individual switches for mag on/mag off
25. Ladders and platforms for accessibility & service
27. Eight (8) 110 volt drive lights
28. Special working light package
29. Safety travel warning alarms
30. Four (4) amber rotating beacons, one per corner
31. Trolley slow down system with micro-switches
33. Trolley shock absorber bumpers
35. Centralized lubing for bridge
36. Auto wheelguard shutdowns
37. 110 Volt plug in outlets with maintenance work lgiths inside both engine and electrical compartments
38. Emergency stop buttons (cab and one at each wheel)
Speed: Loaded and unloaded hoist system - 70 FPM
Trolley Speed................................. - 220 FPM
Travel Speed.................................. - 440 FPM
Inside clear width - 104'
Hook height under magnets - 39' 6"