Mettler toledo stromboli sample changer


Subject: Mettler toledo stromboli sample changer
In combination with a DL39 or DL38 Karl Fischer titrator the Stromboli sample changer enables up to 13 samples to be titrated in unattended operation.
The samples are automatically transferred into a temperature controlled oven from where the evolved water is transferred to the titration cell via an applied gas flow.
Just connect Stromboli to the titrator using the cable supplied and switch on both instruments. You are now ready for your first measurement. The titrator controlls Stromboli. It does not have any operating elements and does not require special installation or configuration.
The oven can be operated with a laboratory gas supply or with an optionally available air pump. The drying unit ensures that the gas entering the instrument is perfectly dry.
A sample changer including a drying oven:
Temperature range from 30-300°C. The titration is started only when the set oven temperature is reached. The oven temperature is documented on the printout.
Stromboli displays the actual and the preset oven temperature in large blue illuminated numerals on the upper side of the instrument.
Blank and drift determinations:
Drift determination to compensate moisture introduced by the carrier gas. Blank determination to compensate the moisture from the vial and the carrier gas. The values can be entered manually, automatically determined before a series or taken from the last measurement. There are two dedicated sample positions for blank and drift determinations on the rack.