Mettler toledo anaylitcal balance model XP603S


Subject: Mettler toledo anaylitcal balance model XP603S
Item is a Mettler Toledo anaylitcal balance model XP603s This Balance was never used and is still new in the box. Retail price is about $6500. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Maximum security: SmartScreen, the color display, guides the user for error-free operation. Outstanding ease of use with touch-screen technology.
Full compliance: The QM toolbox provides security in regulated environments. Features include 8 individual user configurations, user management defining access rights, password protection, history file, MinWeigh, proFACT.
Process security: MinWeigh reliably prevents minimal weight violations for full compliance and highest productivity. LevelControl warns if the balance is not correctly leveled to ensure the accuracy of your results.
Fast, stable results: MonoBlocHighSpeed weighing technology for fast results and smallest measurement uncertainty.
IP54 in-use for adverse environments: protects your XP balance against the intrusion of water and dust.
Connectivity: pacesetting interfacing flexibility – including Ethernet, Bluetooth (wireless connection) and PS/2 – for efficient data capture and simple network integration.
SmartScreen, graphic color touch-screen terminal
SmartSens, two sensors for hands-free balance operation
LevelControl, warns if the balance is not leveled correctly
StatusBar, two indicators showing the functionality assigned to the SmartSens
Option slot for second interface, choice of 7 different interfaces
Prepared for weighing below balance
Large square stainless steel weighing pan
QM-Toolbox, including user administration and password protection
Formulation with security check
Piece counting with reference optimization
All products are: available as “Weights & Measures” approved models
Adjustment with internal weights
proFact, fully automatic time- and temperaturecontrolled adjustement
Adjustment with external weights
Temperatur Coefficient of Sensitivity
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