Mettler toledo FP90/FP81HT


Subject: Mettler toledo FP90/FP81HT
METTLER TOLEDO Thermal Analyzer
The FP90 is the communication and control unit of the FP900 Thermosystem. After attachment of the desired measuring cell to the FP90, the corresponding menu functions are automatically activated.
The FP81HT measuring cell can be used for the fully automatic determination of melting points, boiling and cloud points. Melting points can be determined according to pharmacopoeia or thermodynamically. Melting point determinations may be performed simultaneously in three slots. Work intensive tests such as identity tests are quickly handled with the FP81HT.
* Graphical LCD and soft key for various functions
* 15 programmed methods for the immediate use of all 6 measuring
* 35 methods freely programmable according to the lab needs
* Fully compatible with all the measuring cells of the FP800 system
* Field calibration with the supplied certified calibration standards
* Supports six different languages, English, French, German, Italian, Flemish, Spanish
* Automatic melting point determination
* Evaluation of the melting range
* Boiling point measurements with small quantities of sample
Temperature range (normal operation)
Temperature range (with cooling)
Accuracy melting point (-20 ... +30 °C)
Accuracy melting point (30 ... 200 °C)
Accuracy melting point (200 ... 375 °C)