Mettler toledo DL53 titrator


Subject: Mettler toledo DL53 titrator
The DL53 is a routine titrator. However, it can be used with a memory card for the storage of result records, methods and setup data. Its display has graphics capability enabling the display of the E vs V curve online. LabX light titration software included for complete overview and control from the PC.
Several sensor cards can be used with the DL53, including additional pH sensor inputs and a polarized input for voltammetric and amperometric titrations. Its application database comprises 20 METTLER TOLEDO methods. An expansion dongle allows the use of methods developed on a DL58. It is possible to upgrade the DL53 to a DL55 or DL58.
The Rondo60 sample changer is the best choice for small and medium sample series. In combination with a DL5x it offers the greatest flexibility: various racks allow the use of different sample containers; different stirrers and pumps allow the system to be easily adapted to the individual requirements of the user. Upgrade kits are also available for the Karl Fischer titration as well as for COD determination.
Powerful and expandable general titrator
Redox-, volta-, complexom., non-aqueous, photom. titration
learn titration, help function
runs special methods with DL53+
Includes propeller stirrer, burette drive, rinse unit, balance and parallel printer outputs, computer and autosampler outputs, sensor/reference and temperature inputs, stirrer and analog outputs, electrode cable, P.C. cable, printer cable and power supply. Ability to store up to 50 user methods. DL53 can use memory cards to store methods and sample results and is upgradeable to DL53+, DL55+, DL55 or DL58. Burettes, electrodes, and titration stand ordered separately.