Mettler toledo 8361 smarttouch


Subject: Mettler toledo 8361 smarttouch
The Model 8361 SmartTouch® Controller is designed to control the weighing and labeling operations in the backroom. It can be used with all Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual Prepack Systems.The Prepak Controller features an easy-to-use backlit monochrome Touchscreen. The Prepack Controller controls all weighing and printing functions on all manual, semi-automatic, or full automatic Prepack and Central Pack applications. All it takes is a touch of a finger on the screen to do everything. Operator training is fast and easy to learn. Menus, Instructions, and Help are displayed for each function. On valid keys or selections are shown on the screen for any given function.
* Ethernet Satellite and Master.
* Host Communications Standard.
* Programmable Label Formats.
* Prints Nutrition Information.
* Works with the Model 317 Printer & Model 8270 Scale Base.