Mettler HR83 moisture analyzer w/ 3 year warranty


Subject: Mettler HR83 moisture analyzer w/ 3 year warranty
Brand New! All units carry 100% manufacturer warranty. In addition, DSC backs the product in our own service Depot. We offer free set up and technical service. We carry sample pads, aluminum pans, and all other testing supplies. DSC offers one stop shopping. . DSC has been in the business of manufacturing, selling, and servicing moisture balance and all other laboratory analytical equipment for over 15 years
Lastly, let me point out the DSC package of 8 Extra Value Services, which comes FREE with each instrument purchase from DSC.
*Free Unlimited Loaner during Warranty Period
*Free Sample Analysis by our Chemical Engineers
*Free Telephone Set up and Instructions
*Free Telephone Training for Staff
*Free Calibrations in the First Year
*Extra Discounts on Multiple Units
*Price Beater Guarantee on all Products
Repeatability (s) (2 g sample)
Repeatability (s) (10 g sample)
4 (standard, fast, gentle and multi-step drying)
automatic (5 levels and freely definable), manual, time control
storage of 40 methods , graphic weighing-in guide, free factor to calculate end results, method linking and standby temperature, statistics and journal function
4 comment lines, optional via barcode reader
documented test at 0.1 g to 80 g (variable)
documented test at 50°C to 180°C (variable)
English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish