Mettler DL31 volumetric kf titrator


Subject: Mettler DL31 volumetric kf titrator
Brand New in Original Box with Warranty – Mettler DL31 Volumetric KF Titrator
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The DL31 is the ideal Karl Fischer volumetric titrator for routine analysis requiring practically the same method every time. The instrument has standard interfaces for computer, printer and balance for direct weight transfer.
Using a new advanced control technology, this titrator gives the highest accuracy and precision in a minimum of time. With features such as a built-in tutorial, online context sensitive help, and a LEARN titration this instrument is unsurpassed in ease-of-use. Needless to say, the documentation from this instrument is GLP compliant in every way. The instrument itself allows entry of titrant and standard batch numbers as well as an expiry date for the titrant.
Measurement range (amount of water)
hello function, learn titration, help function
parallel or serial (GA42/RS-P42)
Number of user defineable methods
Statistics (max. number of samples)
Number of predefined Mettler methods