Metro C200PTN-8, 34 pan, pass through, holding cabinet


Subject: Metro C200PTN-8, 34 pan, pass through, holding cabinet
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Metro C200PTN-8, 34 Pan, Pass Through, Holding Cabinet Full Line of Metro Products Available. - Manufacturer: Metro - Model: C200PTN-8
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
Metro C200PTN-8, 34 Pan, Pass Through, Holding Cabinet
Full Line of Metro Products Available.
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Item: Metro Aluminum 34 Pan Capacity, Pass Through, Insulated Holding Cabinet.
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• High-Performance Design for Demanding Applications: Thermostatically controlled heating element and blower provide quick heat-up and temperature control throughout cabinet.
• Maintains Uniform Temperature: Heated air is circulated through chimneys on each side of the cabinet providing a gentle air flow throughout.
• Analog Thermometer: Accurate direct reading of internal cabinet temperature.
• Conserves Energy: Fully insulated design provides superior heat retention while maintaining a cool cabinet exterior.
• Self-Closing Dutch Doors Prevent Excess Heat Loss: Insulated Dutch Doors “self close” when opened 90° or less. Dual magnet heavy-duty latches and full perimeter gaskets insure a positive seal.
• Field Reversible Doors: Lift off doors are field reversible on non pass-thru models.
• Pass-Thru and Non Pass-Thru Designs Available: Allows back to front of house loading/ unloading for increased efficiency.
• Sanitary Type 304 Stainless Steel or Aluminum Construction: Crevice-free design with removable slide racks and chimneys provide for easy cleaning.
• Top-Mounted Exterior Controls: Control panel is recessed to protect controls and angled for easy viewing and access.
• Split Rack Design: Six available slide configurations accept various trays and pans. Racks may be configured the same or differently on top and bottom for maximum unit efficiency.
• Material: Non-magnetic Type 304 stainless steel interior and exterior walls, interior base, doors and top module cover. Aluminum model: 5052-H32 Aluminum.
• Insulation: 3/4" (19.1mm) high-density fiberglass and expanded polystyrene insulating layers combine for superior heat retention throughout the cabinet.
• Doors: Each double-walled door includes two self-closing hinges. Doors hold in position when opened beyond 90°. Right hand hinge is standard on all models. Non pass-thru units are field reversible.
• Tray Slide Racks: One pair top and one pair bottom: Model 4: Nickel-chrome plated wire rack; 3" (76mm) slide spacing.
Model 8: 1" x 11/2" x 1/8" (25 x 38 x 3mm), specially-designed aluminum extrusion. Extruded aluminum uprights. 11/2" (38mm) slide spacing.
Model V: 1" x 11/2" x 1/8" (25 x 38 x 3mm) speciallydesigned aluminum extrusion. Extruded aluminum uprights. Slides adjustable on 11/2" (38mm) centers. 3" (76mm) minimum spacing. All slide racks remove for thorough cleaning.
• Casters: Two B5DN, two B5DNB, 5" (127mm) double ball bearing swivel, ball bearing axle, nickel-plated, donut neoprene-tired, pre-lubricated, bolted to chassis supports.
• Electrical: C200 Holding Module, 1900 watts, 16 amp, 120 VAC, 60 cycle. Controlled by an adjustable thermostat. Blower forced air circulation through baffled heat chamber and dual perforated air ducts. Cabinet operating range: 80° to 200°F. 71/2 foot (2260mm), 3-wire power cord with NEMA 5-20P plug. UL, CUL, and NSF listed.
Note: Separate Branch Circuits Required For All Cabinets
Dimensions: 27-3/16"W x 36"D x 74"H
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