Metalace imperial 44F english wheel


Subject: Metalace imperial 44F english wheel
Imperial 44F English Wheel by MetalAce
* Mild steel capacity is 16 gauge, and aluminum capacity is up to 3/16 inch.
* Features can be rolled into the center of an 88" Panel
* Rigid cast iron frame provides a sturdy, vibration-free platform for your job
* Frame will withstand pressures of matching forming rolls to form hat, "Z" and lap sections
* Frame is shaped to facilitate clearance for panels both upward and downward contours
* Screw lift assembly has a quick-release cam mechanism that lowers the anvil yoke with a 90-degree rotation of the control handle. When rotated back to operating position, the original pressure setting is re-established
* Screw lift and upper anvil wheel rotate 90 degrees for larger panels
* Anvil yoke is adjustable on both sides of the axle support with thumb screws so the ancil wheels can be trued with the upper wheel
* Standard working height: 50"
* Weight: approx. 1,850 lbs.
* Upper Wheel: 10" dia. x 3" wide 1045 steel forging polished to a 63 surface finish
* Anvil Wheels: six wheels made from 1045 alloy steel as follows: 3" wide x 3" dia., radii: 2.375 R, 3.25 R, 5.00R, 8.50 R, 12.00 R, and flat
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