Metalace 44F english wheel, for metal shaping / forming


Subject: Metalace 44F english wheel, for metal shaping / forming
Show your metal with our go-anywhere metal crafting machine. Mounted on 3" caster, the sturdy welded frame offers on-the-go metal bending for racing needs, auto restoration and aircraft rebuilding. Large enough for monster jobs, 44F English Wheels are also perfect for smoothing a wrinkled quarter or rocker panel. Just ask the folks in professional auto racing or the owners of collision repair centers.
Although the MetalAce 44F is portable, it's sturdy and large enough to handle almost any metal crafting need, whether your job requires aggressive bending or smoothing a wrinkled surface.
* Capacity of 16 gauge steel and up 1/8" aluminum
* Features can be rolled into the center of an 88" Panel
* Also features storage for the anvil wheels
* Frame will withstand pressures of matching forming rolls to form hat, "Z" and lap sections
* Screw lift assembly has a quick-release cam mechanism that lowers the anvil yoke with a 90-degree rotation of the control handle. When rotated back to operating position, the original pressure setting is re-established
* Anvil yoke is adjustable on both sides of the axle support with thumb screws so the ancil wheels can be trued with the upper wheel
* Standard working height: 48"
* Upper Wheel: 8" dia. x 3" wide 1045 alloy steel billet, polished to a 63 surface finish
* Anvil Wheels: six wheels made from 1045 alloy steel as follows: 3" wide x 3" dia., radii: 2.375 R, 3.25 R, 5.00R, 8.50 R, 12.00 R, and flat
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