Meiji gemt-4 binocular darkfield gem microscope turret


Subject: Meiji gemt-4 binocular darkfield gem microscope turret
Meiji GEMT-4 Turret GEM microscope on a GEMZ/PT Stand with two sets of eyepiece lenses and fluorescent box illuminator.
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The GEM Series of professional gemological microscopes are based on Meiji Techno EM Series stereo microscope bodies. These gem stereoscopes have earned Meiji Techno a great reputation for excellent optics, rugged dependability, versatility, and economy that no other manufacturer can match...
Renowned Meiji TURRET body mounted on a full-sized gem stand that offers powerful darkfield transmitted illumination suitable for photomicrography.
With fluorescent incident illuminator useful for viewing inclusions. All models are available in either 115V or 220/240V
10x and 20x eyepiece lens pairs are included, 5x, 15x or 30x are optional.
Supplied: Iris diaphragm with adapter and GEM clamp
All GEM series microscopes come with dust covers and rubber eyeshields.
Auxiliary objective lenses are available to further increase or decrease the magnification and to reduce or increase working distance.
The modular design and readily available options for various stands, eyepieces, illumination and numerous lets this scope adapt to future needs.
EMT-4 binocular body on GEMZ/PT stand, rotatable 360°
Magnification: 10X or 40X (with 10x eyepieces), 20X or 80X (with 20X eyepieces)
Modules included with this GEM series microscope
The versatile EMT-4 turret stereo body features high-resolution optics which deliver crisp sharp images and excellent resolution with superior image contrast.
Another very important property: Wide Field Viewing!
* Magnification: 10x, 40x (with 10x eyepieces)
Field of View: 23mm – 5.7mm
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: 54mm – 75mm
Dioptric Adjustment: Left eyetube
Extended Mag Range: 5x – 240x
Extended Working Distances: 22mm – 108mm
(with supplemental objectives and eyepieces)
* Professional GEM stand (For use with EM Series Zoom bodies)
* inclineable for greater ease of use
* built in darkfield transmitted light
Fluorescent box illuminator with articulating arm and 110V transformer (220V available)
Super widefield 10X eyepiece, FN 23 mm (pair)
Super widefield 20X eyepiece, FN 11.5 mm (pair)
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