Medstone sts lithotripter, imaging, complete system


Subject: Medstone sts lithotripter, imaging, complete system
* Lithotripter Table Assembly 90" x 30", Bucky Reciprocating, Motorized patient positioning
* Intensified Radiographic Imaging System (IRIS) 3" x 3", 70 lp/cm, contrast ratio 25:1
* Thermal Printerfor IRIS, sony UP-890MD
* Computer Assembly, Intel Pentium, 8 MB RAM
* Monitor 17" Color Viewsonic
* X-Ray Generator, 480 VAC Single Phase, KV Range 40 to 150 KV, MA Range 10-800ma, Floroscopy KV range 40-125, ma range 0.5 to 7.5 ma
* X-Ray tube, manufacturer EIMAC, model G292 Insert in a b150 Housing
* X-Ray tube collimator, EIMAC, model collimaster C-FSR
* X-Ray tube Ceiling Support, Fisher Imaging Corp. Model CTS-15.
System overall condition is great. Unbeatable price, System is available immediatley.