Mednext high speed bone dissecting system


Subject: Mednext high speed bone dissecting system
MedNext High Speed Bone Dissecting System
The MedNext High Speed Drill, produced by Medtronic Midas Rex high-speed drilling can easily be combined with an image guidance system (not included). With this drill, lateral skull base procedures just become easier and faster. Features of the MedNext High Speed Drill Reduces O.R. time with high speed bone dissection.
With an image guidance system ( not included), the effective cutting zone of the selected burr is displayed on the orthogonal views real time, giving a visual confirmation of the dissection pathway Combined with the Surgical Plan Feature, the surgeon can plan minimally invasive dissection, angles of approach and trajectories. Build-in safety switch that activates bur registration after each bur change. IGS attachment can be easily removed from drill enabling use of the drill with other attachments.
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