Medium duty gas ranges: G60L


Subject: Medium duty gas ranges: G60L
* Two piece lift off, porcelain-coated burner heads that are easy to clean
* One-piece, porcelain-coated cast iron aeration bowls/grates that allow pots to slide easily from burner to burner- no lifting required
* An aeration bowl designed to retain heat and direct it toward the pot or pan
* A pilot light for every burner, which means consistent burner lighting
* Ceramic fire brick on hot tops and griddles- to give you more even, better-controlled heat
* Optional griddle- broiler sections for added versatility
* Full-width crumb tray catches minor spills and makes for easier clean-up
* Baffled oven deck directs heat across the entire deck surface, providing even heat distribution and more capacity in the oven for high-volume cooking
* Heavy, extra-thick full door construction stands up to daily hard use
* Two-position oven rack guides feature built-in baffles to enhance natural convection of heat resulting in increased heat distribution
* Endurance 10 burner range with 2 standard ovens
* One Year Parts and Labor Warranty.
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