Medilink osteospace ultrasound bone densitometer


Subject: Medilink osteospace ultrasound bone densitometer
Medilink Osteospace Ultrasound Bone Densitometer
Used in clean condition, powers up Guaranteed not DOA.
Since more and more drug therapies are now available for the treatment of osteoporosis, bone status assessment is an important part of women s health care. Ultrasound Bone Densitometry is a "radiation free", transportable, economical solution for the evaluation of skeletal status. Multiple scientific studies have shown that the calcaneus bone of the heel is well correlated to the hip, one of the most frequent sites for osteoporosis fracture.
The Osteospace dry ultrasound bone densitometer: when accuracy is the key....
* Radiation Free: The examinations are non ionizing.
* Dry system: Ultrasonic gel is used so that the results do not vary due to water temperature. This method is very hygienic and easy to use.
* Examination performed on the calcaneous bone: The calcaneous bone is the preferred peripheral site proven in numerous studies to predict fracture risk.
* Compact and transportable unit (minimum bulk, with wheels): The unit's size is dedicated to suiting the needs of private practices or clinics.
* Accuracy and reproducibility: Using the manual mode, the transducers can be positioned to reproduce the same ROI (Region of Interest) for registered patients. Using an anatomical reference (Maleous Bone), and thanks to its unique infrared beam positioner, the Osteospace transducers move (in X and Y directions) to the correct ROI. These moving transducers remedy the problem of other ultrasound units that used fixed probes.
* The Osteospace is accurate for any sized foot.
* Automatic positioning of the probes
* Moving probes (in X and Y direction)
* Infrared beam positioner, for very accurate positioning of the ROI
* Hygienic dry system using ultrasonic gel
* Optimal reproducibility: BUA < 1% in vivo
* Examination / Parameters / Analysis / Measurement time / Precision-Reproducibility / Calibration / Quality control / Accessories / Special features / Windows based software / Minimum configuration hardware / Transport details / Dimension / Electrical requirements / Operating temperature / Operating humidity level
* Ultrasound transmission through the heel.
* Multiple averages calculating broadband single element.
* 12-bit : analog digital conversion.
* Broadband ultrasound attenuation (BUA) with a precision of 1% in vivo.
* Real time, Fast Fourier Transformation.
* Automatic post-processing for BUA, STI and WBO.
Precision - Reproducibility:
* Polyethylene phantom quality control procedure.
* Automatic control and trend plotting of internal calibrations before each scan.
* Carrying handle and transportation wheel.
* Positioning memorizing and automatic repositioning of the probes on the same foot.
* Automatic positioning of the probe on the same clinical site for each patient.
* All calculated parameters: BUA and STI
Minimum configuration - hardware:
* Super VGA graphics driver with 2MB of RAM
* 100VAC +- 15% - 5A - 50/60Hz
* 110VAC +- 15% - 5A - 50/60Hz
* 230VAC +- 15% - 5A - 50/60Hz
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