Media reclaimer, cyclone, sand blasting, abrasive


Subject: Media reclaimer, cyclone, sand blasting, abrasive
Media Reclaimer / Dust Seperator
This listing is for a Media Reclaimer is very good condition. This reclaimer used in conjunction with a dust collector (not included), seperates good blasting media from unwanted dust or contaimenents. Inside the reclaimer tower, a cyclone action seperates good media from dust by circulating the mixture around the inside of the reclaimer tower in a high velocity air stream. This action suspends the mixture in air, while allowing the lighter particles such as dust and debris to be drawn off by suction of the dust collector. Heavy particles of reusable media fall to the bottom of the hopper where they are held until reintroduced back into the blasting process.
This reclaimer was part of a specialized deflashing system for circuit boards. The deflasher was a complex automated machine that was controlled by a PLC. According to the deflasher manual there are a few different sequences of operation that the reclaimer itself performed regarding the opening and closing of valves and gates between pressure vessels. Basically, we are not sure if this unit can be operated without the control of a PLC, so we are including the one that went to the deflashing machine. It is an older Omron Sysmac unit.
* Fabricated by Stoystown Tank and Steel Co for Empire
* 0.1-.3 inches water column
* Overall dimensions: 38 x 42 x 100 h + 36" top sections (last pics)
* Access door on top chamber
* Apollo pnuematic actuator to regulate stored media
* Media/Scrap/Dust outlet port: 6"
* Dust outlet port (to dust collector): 10"
Each pressure vessel has a access port.
Pnuematic media regulator valve
This section mounts on top of reclaimer. The top port is where the dust collector sucks from. The side port is the input (media, dust and dirt).