Medasonics portable ultrasound model ssd-210DX


Subject: Medasonics portable ultrasound model ssd-210DX
Medasonics Portable Ultrasound model SSD-210DX. This black & white electronic linear scanner offers 2-D real-time and frozen B-mode display. Acoustic scanning lines are 339 lines (at normal) and 226 lines (at long). It has transmission/reception electronic focusing and acoustic lens method. The dynamic range is 50 dB (fixed), gain is 0 to 100 dB continously variable. Display format is single and double display of B-mode, 16 gray shades. It includes a 5.5-inch diagonal display monitor. Power requirements are 120VAC (+/- 10%), 50/60 Hz, apprx. 60 VA. Includes one 7.5 MHz interoperative probe (TU-Shaped) model UST-5511TU-7.5. Applicable for surface structures such as veins, arteries, tendons, etc. Probe specifications are 38mm scan width, 60mm display range, 10mm focal point near and 18mm focal point far, 0.3mm axial resolution, and 0.8mm lateral resolution. This unit does not have doppler capability. Category: Cardiology