Mbm triumph paper cutter 4810-ep semi-auto programmable


Subject: Mbm triumph paper cutter 4810-ep semi-auto programmable
4810-EP 18 ¾" semi-automatic programmable Cutter
* Electronically controlled power back gauge.
* EP keypad with digital display stores up to 9 programs of 9 steps each.
* Repeat cut and eject functions.
* Electronic hand wheel for manual back gauge positioning with infinitely variable speed control.
* Dual push-button controls require the simultaneous use of both hands.
* Transparent front and rear safety guards.
* Spindle clamping system applies firm pressure along entire cutting length.
* Dual side guides on front and rear tables.
* Adjustable blade depth and automatic blade return from any position.
* Easy blade change and adjustment from front.
* Stand with storage shelf.
4810-EP semi-automatic programmable cutter
table length in front of knife
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