Mbci desiccant type air drying system


Subject: Mbci desiccant type air drying system
Serial # DE-15080900197 New 1997 Model # E-250FD
The MBCI exhaust purge, heat regenerative dryer is a twin tower drying system. It is also called an absorbent or desiccant type dryer. In operation, a regenerative dryer has one tower on-line drying the compressed air steam while the other, off-line tower (at 0 PSIG) is regenerating (drying out its wet desiccant bed). This process alternates automatically and continuously on 4 hour intervals. One complete cycle is called an 8 hour NEMA cycle.
Maximum Pressure Design of Heat Reactivated Dryer: 150 PSIG
Rated For: 250 SCFM Inlet - 100 Degrees F Inlet Air Temperature
Rated For: 230 SCFM Outlet - 100 PSIG Inlet Air Pressure
Drain Guard Compressed Air Condensate Drain Trap
Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 230/460 Volts
Overall Size: 79" L-R x 36" F-B x 80" H