Martin yale EX5000 express labeler


Subject: Martin yale EX5000 express labeler
Martin YaleEX5000 Tabber/Labeler
The Martin Yale EX5000 offers innovative electronic features and the ability to either tab or label in two separate passes. Unit delivers up to 7,500 pieces of standard envelope size stock per hour. Key benefits include extremely quiet operation and permanent counter. On board diagnostics make troubleshooting the unit simple and easy to do. Unit works with pin-fed tabs and labels only.
* Labels or tabs media at a fixed speed of up to 7,500 pieces per hr
* Handles pieces 4" to 15" wide and 3" to 15" long
* Accommodates one-across pin fed labels 1" to 4" wide and 7/8" to 5" high
* Accommodates pin fed tabs 7/8" to 15/16" in diameter
* User friendly controls with LCD display of sequential prompts to assist in set-up
* Batch counter for counting of material passed through unit
* Electron Label Control Adjustment allows accurate position of labels
* On Board Diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
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