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Counter Top Convection Steamer Market Forge ST- 6E ST-6E
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Market Forge Counter Top Convection Oven Model: STP-6E
The Marekt Forge Steam Tech is a single compartment counter top convection steamer with an electrically powered close-coupled steam generator.
The Steam Tech provides the power of a full size convection steamer in a convenient, compact size that fits on your counter. A condensate cooking tube reduces the amount of water brought to the cold water condeser, saving money on monthly water bills. The Steam Tech's generator is quickly cleaned via a port on the top of the unit.
The Steam Tech features double-wall construction with 1" R5 mm thick insulation between the cooking compartment and the exterior walls. The cooking compartment is constructed of type 300 series 18 gauge stainless steel. The front frame is constructed of 16 gauge stainless steel welded construction with a removable one piece enclosure on the right side. Rear and control panels are also removable for service.
The cooking compartment on the Steam Tech has a positive slam action, field reversible door constructed of type 300 stainless steel. Door latches are spring loaded. The inner door gasket is a one piece NSF approved silicone rubber gasket. The cooking compartmetn is equipped with a door interlock (switch) that cuts power to the heater when the door is opened. Two steam inlet diffusers are positioned for even distribution of high velocity steam across the surface of the food.
The Steam Tech comes with a 60 minute timer standard with a constant steam bypass, automatic purge valve, generator warning light, and automatic cold water steam condensing system.. At the end of the cooking cycle an audible signal will sound. Each unit is supplied with a condensate drip tube that automatically drains to the main drain.
The Steam Tech utilizers powerful, close coupled steam generators that supply steam to the cooking compartment. Generators are held in the ready mode at 190°F for a quick response to heavy demand situations. Generator chamber is mounted on the right side of the cooking compartment. Generator includes as standard: removable heating element, automatic water level control, low water cutoff, water strainer, and preheat thermostat (190°F).
* (6) 12" x 20" x 2 1/2in deep pans
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