Manure sweeper pasture cleaner for alpaca llama horse


Subject: Manure sweeper pasture cleaner for alpaca llama horse
Manure Sweeper - Pasture Cleaner
28 Cubic Foot Capacity - 32" Sweep Area - 6 Hp Engine - Tow Behind ATV, Garden Tractor and Small Farm Tractors
* Commercial Heavy Duty Manure Sweeper/Pasture Cleaner - Also excellent for sweeping Acorns, Horse Manure, Goose Droppings, Goat Droppings, Alpaca Droppings, Llama Droppings, Leaves and Twigs
* Reduces worm infestations and the spread of other intestinal parasites amongst grazing animals. Encouranges grass growth through dethatching dead grass. Minimizes flies by removing manure. Minimizes the spread of weeds from seeds contained in manure.
* Built for functionality, maintainability and long life
* Passes through a 4 ft wide gate
* Heavy Duty 14, 16 & 18 Gauge Steel Construction
* Powder coated finish for longevity
* Engine: 6 Hp Kohler or Tecumseh (depending upon availability)
* Start: Recoil (electric start option available at: $373.00)
* Fitted hour meter for service planning
* Front tines break up manure and clumps for rapid composting
* 32" wide brush unit - heavy duty polypropylene brush head
* Efficiency: 85% pick up rate
* Collection box tips for easy unloading
* Rear panel is fully hinged to provide access for emptying
* Fully integreated bin and brush guard to reduce dust in arid areas
* Front height adjustable by means of side handle jack on the tow bar
* Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
* 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (Includes Parts & Labor)
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