Manitowoc 700/800 series flake/chiplet ice maker


Subject: Manitowoc 700/800 series flake/chiplet ice maker
* Air-cooled or water-cooled models with classic Q-Series modular design
* Only 22" wide x 24.5" deep x 26.5" high
* Flake ice produces up to 780 lbs. daily and Chiplet produces up to 710 lbs
* Chiplets are irregular shapes of compacted flake ice with an approximate ice size of 3/4" x 3/4" x 3/16"
BTU Per Hour: 7,800(average) 9,600 (peak)
Total Amps: Air-cooled 19.9amps
* Total Amps: Water-cooled 19amps
* Maximum fuse size: 30amps (HACR-type circuit breakers can be used in place of fuses)
* Double bearing support of the auger reduces maintenance and prolongs the life of internal components
* Split collar evaporator support and aligned shaft coupling improves water seal and bearing reliability
* Rugged, corrosion-free base
* 115/60/1 electrical is standard
* R-404A CFC-free refrigerant
* Patented cleaning and sanitizing technology
* Two year parts and labor warranty. Five-year warranty on compressor parts
When ordering please indicate what model you want.
Q-Model Series 700/800 Chiplet/Flake Ice Machine
*"A" or "W" following model number indicates "Air" or "Water" condensing unit*
Please note that storage bins are not included. Bins for this unit are sold separately.