Major chain bookstore bookshelves display bookcases


Subject: Major chain bookstore bookshelves display bookcases
Major National Chain Bookstore
You can have a whole bookstore - lock, stock, and barrel - everything you need but the books and electronics.This is a rare opportunity to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars of furniture for¬ literally pennies on the dollar.¬ This store is¬ 5000 sq. ft. This could be a great opportunity for your retail book¬ store, your library,¬ your church or school, your dorm room, basement, or mini-storage unit. These opportunities only come available 3 or 4 times a year, so¬ if the timing is not right on this one, contact us and get on our notification list.
For specific details call Ron ,
or¬ email¬ questions¬ to
This store contains some or¬ all of the following:
* Wall Units 79 to 95 inches X 36 inches
These are the fixtures we are currently using in our¬ bookstores today.¬ If purchased¬ new, these fixtures would cost¬ over¬ $200¬ per foot, but you can have the same look for pennies on the dollar. Does this sound too good to be true ? ? ?
Everything must be removed between
Within One Week of Closing Date
Don't miss out on this opportunity !!
These are¬ pictures of¬ typical store !!!