Lump tester, cable manufacturing, detector


Subject: Lump tester, cable manufacturing, detector
This lump detector was part of a complete cable wrapping line and is now being offered by itself. It monitors the incoming cable for out of tolerance dimensions. This unit gives assurance that the individual strands that make up a cable have not been displaced from their as-formed positions by detecting a momentary increase in cable thickness. Since this machine was used in a production line, it was controlled by a centralized PLC. It has a setpoint controller ( pictured below) that will most likely show an instantaneous value of the cable thickness. This controller could then be linked to a PLC to permit interfacing into an existing production line.. This machine is clean, and in very good condition. We do have some documentation of the machine. Check our other cable manufactoring items in our store. Please call with any questions.
* Cable dia: 1/4" max (estimated from roller movement)
* Sensitivity: load with 2k ohms - 73.25 mV/V/mm
* Precision: 0,0166 mm. +- 0.0003 mill
* Supply Voltage: 1 volt supplied by UTI 2000
The array of roller bearings channel the cable. The upper row of bearings lift up about 1/4", so we are assuming this is the maximum diameter cable this lump detector can accept.
The yellow soleniods pictured here control two tiny air cylinders that push a block that is slightly stepped with different levels. The micrometer seen in the center of the photo then rides on this stepped block which in turn varies the height of the detector arm, wheel and transducer.
The Large wheel rides on the cable as it passes through. When a lump passes under the wheel it lifts up the wheel which in turn lifts up the arm the wheel is attached to. Since the transducer (gray wire directly under hand in photo) is mounted on this arm, it detects the amount of deflection.
There is one of these on both the input and output of the machine