Lumenis epilight ipl system


Subject: Lumenis epilight ipl system
The Epilight ® Intense Pulsed Light system effectively performs permanent hair removal, photorejuvenation, and many other aesthetic procedures.
The Epilight's Intense Pulsed Light technology is more versatile than dedicated laser systems, because it allows the operator to vary the wavelength between 515 nm (nanometers) and 755 nm. Dedicated laser systems operate at a single fixed wavelength, dependant on which technology the laser uses internally. For example, an alexandrite laser, such as the Candela GentleLASE, operates at 755 nm. The Epilight's ability to vary it's operational wavelength allows treatment of a wider variety of skin types, and procedures.
Why is the Epilight such a great price?
Most people incorrectly regard the Epilight as an obsolete system. There has not been a new Epilight manufactured since 2000, and there is not a full awareness of the capabilities of the Epilight, because the manufacturer does not promote it for the procedures it is capable of, and never did. When the Epilight was developed, no one had any idea the multiple applications IPL technology proved to be successful for. By the time photorejuvenation, and other new procedures were discovered, Lumenis/ESC had replaced the Epilight with the Vasculight ®*.
The Epilight IPL technology is currently marketed under the name "Vasculight". You will find the same selling points (in regards to IPL) with the Vasculight as with the Epilight, but a much higher price tag. The IPL components inside the Epilight are identical to the IPL components inside the new Vasculight. The Vasculight adds an Nd:YAG (1064 nm) laser component, but the internal IPL technology is the same.
Modern day IPL equivalents run $40,000 - $50,000, and come with less versatility, fewer available wavelengths, and lower power. The Epilight sold new for $120,000.
Most single wavelength medical lasers have an average selling point of $70,000- $80,000. The total cost of the Epilight is less than half that. The Epilight is a good swiss army knife approach for adding medical laser procedures to your business, allowing you to perform a wide variety of procedures, without a huge overhead cost.
This unit is located in the midwest and available for pick up only.