Lrs auto expo curbside to-go notification system


Subject: Lrs auto expo curbside to-go notification system
With the ability to instantly alert staff, Auto Expo not only improves your service but also bolsters your bottom line.
* Increased business from a new and effective curbside service option.
* Improve response time with instant pager notification.
* Simple, quick installation by professional installers without major construction disruption and expense.
* Monitors greet times and total service times.
* Daily summary reporting shows average greet time, average total time, total number of cars served and percentage of target times met.
* Built-In transmitter for immediate staff notification via alphanumeric pager.
* Utilizes one camera to monitor up to four lanes.
* Automatic repaging if service/greet target times are exceeded.
* Visual on screen timer for each lane.
* Complete lane sensing configuration.
* Convenient one button per lane interface.
* Touch screen monitor, computer and pager transmitter are housed in a single, durable housing.
* 2 USB ports for keyboard and printer connection.
* High speed ethernet connection.
* All-purpose, weather-resistant bullet camera.
* Standard mounting bracket for flexible installation.
* 15” Touchscreen Color LCD, paging transmitter and PC all in one unit.
Installation is usually performed nationally by professionals from McBride electric. Installation usually takes six to ten man hours and costs from $600 to $1,000. The work mostly involves installation of the camera and running network and power cables from the camera to the control unit. There is no significant construction or disruption of your business.
* Lifetime warranty plans available