Log home kit the grand manor sale


Subject: Log home kit the grand manor sale
Competitive Advantages of Lincoln Log International Homes
What Differentiates “Lincoln Log Homes” from other
Log Home and Cabin Kit Manufacturers?
A Distinct Lincoln Log Home Advantage
To purchase in log home kit form; pre-cut logs which are assembled at the building site.
To purchase pre-assembled log walls; where the logs are assembled at our factory.
In log home kit form, the individual logs are pre-cut to size, and pre-numbered. A stack sheet is furnished for each wall. Blueprints are drawn for each house and accompany the log home kit. In addition, an instructional video tape is available to every Lincoln Log purchaser upon request.
NO. 3 – OTHER EXCLUSIVE FEATURES. Lincoln Logs offers so much more than other log home and cabin kit manufacturers. . .other exclusive features include:
* Exclusive “Weather-Lok Corners”. The logs are machined to close tolerance. The whole log interlocking corners offer stability unsurpassed in the log home and cabin industry.
* Exclusive “Weather-Lok Grooves”. Top and bottom of each log is v-grooved to accommodate a one inch diameter polyethylene backer rod. The groove ensures the proper horizontal placement of this insulation in the center of the log, sealing out the weather and sealing in the heat. Some other log cabin home manufacturers have a similar but smaller groove . . however, the groove extends to the end of each log, even at the corners. This forms a trough for water to run into the corners. NOT SO WITH LINCOLN. WE STOP THE GROOVE AT THE INSIDE OF THE CORNER. This technology is far better in eliminating water seepage. Furthermore, the “weather-lok” corners are more aesthetically pleasing.
As you can see, nobody pays more attention to detail than Lincoln Log Homes. Over thirty years of experience, complemented by a talented and committed staff, assures you of the finest quality yellow pine log home on the market today . . .at the lowest possible cost when compared to other log cabins or homes of similar quality.
* In A Lincoln home, the logs are laid up, just as you would imagine they should be. They are whole logs not just log siding. The neatly cut ends and tight joints make it impossible for any trace of weather to creep inside. there is never a sacrifice of quality
* 8 inch logs are specially selected , machine debarked to retain their natural beauty,
* Precut, notched, grooved and treated in odorless wood preservative to minimize the threat of fungus and mildew damage that is inherent in any wood
* Every Lincoln home will fit any terrain you select flat ground, steep slop or water front. Choose any foundation. Slab , crawl space , full basement, or piers .Your Lincoln log home will fit
We supply 3 complete and easily read sets of working drawings witch include foundation detail, joist layout, and elevations for use by yourself or your contractor
* We as dealers will be glad to advise you an how to select a contractor in your area and will assist you in working with him, regarding technical information and the specific
* Problems of translating the plans to your site location. You will soon feel like an expert yourself.
* The grooves cut in each log are filled with a 1” diameter polyethylene backer rod to insure a completely weather tight structure .
What are the major advantages of Lincoln Log Homes over other log homes?
Our homes are precision cut to eliminate any need for "on site" trimming or fitting. This reduces the amount of labor and thus the construction cost. Another advantage is our exclusive "Weather Lok" corner which creates it's own weather tight seal. Our thirty day delivery is probably the fastest in the log home industry. Our representatives are near enough to offer you assistance if needed, we don't just sell you the package and disappear. There are many other advantages; some which will be covered later in this question and answer section.
How many different models are available through Lincoln Log Homes?
What is included in a Lincoln Log Home Kit?
Our Standard Kits Include: logs, fasteners, backer rods, log seal, and blueprints.
Can I alter the interior layout of an existing design?
Yes! Most often at no additional cost to you. A Lincoln Log Home can be built as a completely empty shell when roof trusses are used, since all support is the outside walls. This allows you to get the house under roof in the least possible time, which often saves you money in cases where weather might be a factor. You can then arrange the partition walls to suit your individual needs and tastes.
Are there any special precautions in beginning a Lincoln Log Home?
As in any construction it is necessary to keep all footing, foundations and walls running square and true. Log homes are no different. Precautions should be taken to make sure the initial course ( basic logs) are laid square and conform to all measurements on your blueprints. Also, care should be taken to insure that the logs are sitting squarely on the foundation and no extreme overlaps exist. From this point on, you need only to follow the blueprints, making sure that each course is kept square.
What kind of heating system is recommended in a Lincoln Log Home ?
Any type of system used in a conventional type home can also be used in a Lincoln Log Home. Your local climate and building code would most likely determine the type of heating system you choose.
Is insulation necessary in a Lincoln Log Home?
Wood is a natural insulator, one of the best. A concrete wall would need to be ten feet thick to equal the insulation qualities of our 8 inch thick logs. Wood is 6 times better than brick, 1600 times better than aluminum. Consideration should be given to proper insulation of the floors and roof and we recommend the use of storm or insulating windows
Is it difficult to build a Lincoln Log Home?
Our homes are precision cut to allow ease in erecting them. There should be no need for custom fitting on the construction site.
What does Lincoln Log Homes provide in the way of instruction or written materials?
What kind of timber is use in a Lincoln Log Home?
Our homes are all cut from southern yellow pine.They are uniform in size to eliminate water or snow ledges on the outer walls, and to allow flexibility in finishing the interior walls. All logs are 8 inches thick and planed to eliminate bark for termites and other wood borers to hide behind.
How are the logs joined together in a Lincoln Log Home?
We utilize a polyurethane backer rod which fits into a pre-cut v groove between the logs. On the butt end joints, two strips of polyurethane gasket material and two 1" diameter hardwood dowel pins are incorporated to insure a complete seal against air, light and water. Ten inch spiral spikes are used at 16 inch intervals to nail the logs together forming, in essence, a solid 8 inch thick wood wall, a very tight fit and very strong structure.
What kind of foundation do you recommend?
Any type of foundation can be used, from concrete blocks to brick, poured concrete or piers. We suggest that concrete blocks be used in lieu of the lighter weight blocks due to the weight of the log walls. Also due to the weight, it is very important to make sure that the logs are centered over the foundation and not lapping over on one side or another.
All log buildings will settle to some extent. We allow for this by leaving some space above all windows and doors. This space should be filled with insulation and covered by the window or door face plate. Only 2% is expected with our homes.
How is the electrical wiring run in the log walls?
Very simple. Our bottom course of logs is sawed flat on the inside to allow for wiring conduit to be formed using furring strips and wide baseboard trim. In locations where a wall switch is needed on a long wall, the wire is run up the spline groove in the butt ends of the logs. Incidentally, where necessary, the wiring conduit formed by the base log and sideboard can also be used to hide water lines.
How are the interior walls built in a Lincoln Log Home?
Just as in a conventional home. Any type interior wall is acceptable, from sheetrock to wood paneling. There are clever ways to tie the interior partition walls into the curved log outer walls with no necessity of molding of any kind. Another saving over conventional homes.
Is it normal for the logs to crack?
Yes, we call it checking. It results from the natural seasoning or drying process of the logs. Some people think these cracks add character and beauty to the logs; however, anyone who thinks otherwise can fill the cracks with any quality wood filler. These checks in no way endanger the structural strength of the building.
How are the logs delivered to the construction site?
Is there anything else I need to know about building my Lincoln Log Home?
While we can't anticipate every question, we'll certainly be happy to provide you with any additional answers and information you might need or want.