Linvatec zimmer hall series 4 nitrogen power set


Subject: Linvatec zimmer hall series 4 nitrogen power set
Linvatec Zimmer Hall Series 4 Nitrogen Power Set
Set includes 4 handpieces including Drill/Reamer (5067-01), Oscillating Saw (5067-02), Reciprocating Saw (5067-03), and a Trauma Drill (5067-04) and one power hose. All for $7,500.
The 5067-01 Drill/Reamer is three instruments in one, featuring standard Ream and Drill modes, as well as the variable speed, torque limited Screw mode to prevent head breakage in large bone screws.
Series 4 Oscillator. The 5067-02 Oscillator ensures smooth, precise cuts in large-bone procedures. It features a wrenchless blade-locking collet, diminishing time needed in changing or replacing blades, as well as providing necessary strength to safely grip longer and wider blades. Further, the 5067-02 allows for 12 collet positions while allowing the blade only a 5 degree arc of travel, allowing you flexibility and accuracy in osteotomies with restricted access.
Like the 5067-02 Oscillator, the 5067-03 Reciprocator features the efficiency, speed, and dependability needed for precision large bone cuts. It is widely used in transeverse osteotomies, including removal of the femoral head and neck in total hip procedures, as well as resurfacing of the tibial plateau in knee procedures. Secured with a wrenchless blade locking collet, all saw blades can be secured in any position around 360 degrees. Further, with only a 1/8" blade stroke, the Series 4 reciprocator greatly minimizes contact with any surrounding tissue.
The 5067-04 provides a multipurpose, common-sense handpiece ideal for the drilling and pinning procedures common to trauma surgery. Lightweight and highly maneuverable, the 5067-04 features easily accessible directional controls, a combination collet accepting Trinkle and AO shanks, a powerful, torque limited Screw mode, and a highly responsive variable-speed trigger.
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