Linde turret truck - model #K10 - used- well maintained


Subject: Linde turret truck - model #K10 - used- well maintained
Make & Model: Linde Model #K10 Turret Truck
* Operator Platform Including Overhead Guard, Control Panel
* Turret Head Including Auxiliary Mast, Adjustable Forks
* Hydraulic System With Proportional Valve
* Tiltable Operator Control Panel
* Spacious Operator Compartment
* BDI - Battery Discharge Indicator With Interrupt
* Battery Compartment Rollers
* Standard Paint (Orange/Gray)
* LR80 Electronic Wire Guidance
* 2,200# @ 24" Load Center to 220" Lift
* Length: 48" Long (Across the Forks) Including Overhang
* Width: 42" Wide (Across the Forks) Including Overhang
* Height Including Pallet: N/A
* Weight: 2,200# Including Pallet
* Lowest Storage Level: Floor
* Overall Collapsed Height: 154"
* Overall Extended Height: 299"
* Maximum Reach Height: 275"
Turret Head & Aisle Information:
* Type of Turret Head: 721US
* Aisle Width: 72" (Load to Load)
* Aisle Width: NA (Rack to Rack)
* End Aisle Requirement: 180"
* Empty Drive Speed: 5.6 MPH
* Loaded Drive Speed: 5.2 MPH
* Speed Reduction Guided: 5.6 MPH - Mast Lifted Up To 98"
* Speed Reduction Unguided:
* Mast Lifted to 20": 5.6 MPH
* Mast Lifted Higher: 1.5 MPH
* Loaded Lift Speed: 50 FPM
* Lowering Speed: 70 FPM Adjustable
* Traverse Time: 8 Seconds Adjustable
* Chassis Ground Clearance: 3.5"
* Operator Compartment: 19.7" x 55" x 78.8"
* Drive Wheels: 13.5" x 5.3" Polyurethane
* Load Wheels: 7.9" x 4.2" Polyurethane
Battery & Charger Information:
* Battery Connector: SB350 Anderson
* Battery Tray Size: 21" x 40.75" x 30.9"
* Battery Weight: 2,500# Minimum
* Distance Between Rails: NA
* Total Truck Weight: 15,600#
* Maximum Single Tire Load: 9,200#
* Maximum Floor Load: 910# Per Square Inch
* MOSFET Controlled Drive Motor
* The MOSFET system provides smooth, efficient, infinite control from zero to maximum speed. Smooth acceleration, higher efficiency per battery charge and protection for the transmission and motor are added benefits.
* Hydraulic System With Proportional Valve
* With the proportional valve it is possible to operate the hydraulic system electronically. The arrangemetn of MOSFET-Control and proportional valve drastically reduces or even eliminates energy consuming high wear components.
* The K10 features an electronically controlled steering system. Potentiometer values at the hand controller and at the drive wheels are compared to each other, and the steering system is adjusted to match. This highly effective way of directional control eliminates costly orbital valve and hoses. In addition, it is extremely accurate and responsive, which is of great importance within the automatic guidance mode.
* Stepping on the brake butoon, located in the cab floor, deactivates the brake and the truck is ready for driving. Releasing the brake button interrupts the brake holding current and the drive current and the vehicle is automatically stopped.
* The lift chains are permanently monitored to notice slack and lengthening, to initiate maintenance and ensure safe operation.
* Two different work procedures are successfully combined - full pallet storage and retrieval and order picking. By adding the auxiliary lift, the truck is able to utilize the full warehouse height. If used for order picking, the pallet can be brought up to a convenient height and lowered with increasing load. The operators freedom of movement is not restricted because the auxiliary mast rotates around in front of the turret head.
* Tiltable Operator Control Panel
* The tiltable control console allows convenient operation of the truck either sitting or standing. While sitting, the driver tilts the panel to allow easy reach of the controls. For order picking the console tilts forward to provide maximum access to the load.
* Spacious Operator Compartment
* The cab is designed to the latest ergonomic standards. A comfortable cloth seat used when pallet placing, can be folded away to fully utilize the cab space hwen order picking. Separate mounting of cab and turret head, together with a thick foam rubber mat cushions the operator for comfortable operation.
* The battery discharge indicator displays the battery condition and prohibits lifting when the charge is too low.
* A quartz controlled hour meter is standard equipment.
* The standard light package includes a cab light and two spot lights to illuminate the working area. As a result, the warehouse lighting can be reduced to a minimum. An amber flashing light is included for additional safety.
* A hinged cover allows fast daily maintenance. If it is necessary to change the battery, built-in rollers help to slide it in and out safely.
* All electric, electronic and hydraulic components are located in a single compartment in the rear of the chassis. Easy access is assured, even with the truck in the aisle.
* This state of the art electronic system guides the truck straight in the aisle. An off-wire Brake guarantees that if the signal is lost, the truck will stop. The system also features an Electronic Steer Angle Limiter, which controls the steer wheel angle and stops the truck if the steer angle reaches a preset limit.
Each truck has been well-maintained and still in use (we have 2 available) and service records can be acquired.
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