Lincoln ranger 250 subaru robin


Subject: Lincoln ranger 250 subaru robin
Lincoln RANGER 250 Subaru Robin
250 Amp DC Gasoline Engine Driven Welder
List Price:4072.00 (USD) *See Details
K1725-9 Ranger 250 Subaru Robin
The Ranger 250 is ready for a workout – all day, everyday! Intended for contractors, construction and maintenance applications, this tough Lincoln gasoline-driven welder/generator delivers 250 amps for welding at 100% duty cycle. The Ranger 250 is recommended for stick welding, including a separate, dedicated downhill pipe mode, as well as Touch-Start™ TIG, flux-cored and MIG wire welding and arc gouging. Lincoln Chopper Technology provides easy starts, an extremely smooth arc, low spatter and outstanding bead appearance. The sleek, enclosed case lowers noise and protects critical engine components. Hot looks, hot features, hot performance – That's the Ranger 250!
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