Limco 2015S SF6 gas reclaimer w/ service trailer


Subject: Limco 2015S SF6 gas reclaimer w/ service trailer
This was built in 1971. SN 3176-2 Not sure if specs are 100% the same as webiste but I will list them below.
I know it is smaller. I measured it at 10 1/2'l x 6'10"w x 5 1/2'h. (plus the 5 foot tongue and hitch)
The manual says the function of the reclaimer is to collect, store, purify, evacuate, and reclaim sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas from a sealed chamber containing SF6.
Here are the specs I pulled from the LIMCO Website:
Trailer: Dual Axle, 4-wheel spring suspended, with pneumatic tires and draw bar equipped with pintle eye for attaching to motor vehicle. ICC approved brake lights, direction lights, and electrical brakes.
Storage Tank: ASME coded, equipped with 5KW electrical heater to assist return of the SF6 gas.
Size: 6' high x 7' wide 14' long
Weight: Approx 6000 lbs (empty)
SF6 compressor motor: 7 1/2 HP
Vacuum pump displacement & Hp: 53 CFM - 3HP
Construction: Metal frame: weatherproof metal encloser with hinged access panels and locks.
Instrumentation: a. Electrical type vacuum gauge (0-20 mmHg)
b. Storage tank pressure gauge (0-600 PSI)
c. Compressor inlet compound gauge (30-0-100- PSI)
d. Storage tank temperature gauge (20-189 degrees F)
Cold weather Starting provisions: SF6 gas compressor and refrigeration compressor equipped with crankcase heaters.
Operating Ambient: -20 degrees F to 104 degrees F
Power Source: 20 KVA (240 VAC/3/ph/60 Hz)
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