Like new toyoda model GUP32 universal grinder-


Subject: Like new toyoda model GUP32 universal grinder-
Toyoda Model GUP32 Universal Grinder
Center-to-center distance 1000 mm
Load capacity between centers Max 150 kg
OD x Width x ID 355x50x127mm (flat, #1)
Rotation speed (min -1) 1795:2195 RPM (2420:2960)
Hydraulic rapid feed stroke 40 mm
Swing angle (CCW-CW) 30° each for right & left
Swing angle (CCW-CW) 10° - 3°
Workhead live-dead spindle selectable
Number of work speeds stepless
Work speed (min -1) 16-500 RPM
Swing angle (CCW-CW) 90° - 30°
Load capacity on the live spindle Max 40 kg (including
Footstock spindle stroke 25 mm
Wheel spindle motor 3.7 kW [3.7] (4P)
Work spindle motor 0.8 kW (AC servo)
Hydraulic pump motor 0.75 kW (4P)
Wheel spindle bearing lubricant pump motor 0.25 kW (2P)
Coolant pump motor 0.18 kW (2P)
Bearing oil coolant unit motor [0.055/0.04 kW (50/60 Hz)
Internal grinding wheel spindle motor 0.75 kW (2P)
Total power consumption 10.8 kVA
Hydraulic oil 60 L (Mobil Vacuoline 1409)
Wheel spindle bearing lubricant 12 L [15] (Mobil Velocite 3)
Figures in brackets are for the 45M spec. (Wheel surface speed of 45m/sec)
We have the ability to load this machine on a flatbed trailer free of chrage.
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