Like new kellenberger model 1000U universal grinder-


Subject: Like new kellenberger model 1000U universal grinder-
Nominal distance between centers 39 1/8”
Max distance b/t centers, head- & tailstock projecting 47 ¼”
Standard height of centers 4 59/64”
Height of centers by means of raising blocks 6 57/64”-9 27/32”
Max swing diameter with raising blocks 13 25/32”-19 5/8” max
Max length for surface grinder 51”
Speeds of grinding wheel 1500/1700
Grinding wheel head swivels 270°
Vertical movement of grinding wheel head, ht of centers 4 59/64”-13 25/32”
Cross movement of grinding wheel head 11 ¼”
Swivel of work headstock 360°
Work speeds infinitely variable, normal special 20-400
Approx floor space 69”x166”
We can load this machine on a flat bed trailer for free.
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