Leybold inficon transpector 2 residual gas analyzer rga


Subject: Leybold inficon transpector 2 residual gas analyzer rga
Leybold Inficon Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) and Helium Leak tester.
* Compact, high resolution, computer or laptop interfaced.
* This unit is 0-200 AMU faraday cup. model.
* Included is the Tware32 computer software for gas analysis, identification, leak checking and other RGA functions. See manufacturers website.
* Unit appears like new and is cleanroom kept and sealed.
* Model Leybold Inficon TSPTT200(8308) Transpector 2, s/n G9TT19C00898
* Includes a new second power supply.
More info (pdf's) at http://www.inficongasanalyzers.com/ja/transpector2gasanalysis.html
The Transpector® Gas Analysis System provides accurate and reliable data for vacuum process monitoring, process diagnostics, and leak detection in semiconductor manufacturing. In the Transpector 2, increased hydrogen sensitivity makes contaminants visible at sub-ppm levels, and four times faster scanning over low level signals with an expanded dynamic range provides cleaner data at lower detectable partial pressures.
* 200-amu system with Faraday cup
* improved hydrogen detection
* superior peak amplitude and position stability
* up to 10 times improvement in signal to noise ratio compared to original Transpector
* faster scanning over low-level signals
* nine-decade electronic dynamic range
* software options for single and multi-chamber systems
* partial pressure measurement from 1 X 10 -4 Torr to 5 X 10 -15 Torr