Leybold aps 1104 coating machine


Subject: Leybold aps 1104 coating machine
Chamber size: 1104 mm diameters
Chamber height: 110” in height.
Surface area occupation: 70 square feet.
Compressed air pressure: 90 psi
Dome substrate fixture with 4 quarters sectional dome ficture
Size changeable sectional substrate fixture.
Film uniformity adjustment mask(s)
Two E-beam guns. With both X and Y directions independent sweeping
One advanced Leybold Plasma source. – APS.
Two-stage Leybold mechanical pump
One 36” Leybold diffusion pump.
Inductive heating system on roof of chamber behind dome substrate fixture.
One Polycold (Polycold RHC-1100)
Leybold Inficon xtal thin film growth monitoring system
Comes with OMS 3000 optical monitoring system (not installed)
Three gas lines: Ar, O2 and N2.