Lepel rf induction power supply: 10KW, works great


Subject: Lepel rf induction power supply: 10KW, works great
For sale is one Lepel induction power supply, model T-10-3-KC-E-S.
We have used this unit extensively over the years to melt ingots of steel, aluminum alloy, nickels, kovars, and so on. It can also be used to anneal barstock and zone refine metals. According to the manual, it can also be used for hardening, stress-relieving, soldering, brazing, and a host of other uses.
The unit is in good working shape and has been well cared-for. It comes with several extra copper-tube heating coils and an operation manual.
The unit requires 100 amp 3-phase power input, and a tank of de-ionized water for cooling.
The weight is about a thousand pounds (I'm just guessing, here). It's a 5' cube, on castors.
Any other questions, please contact me: Charles Albert, ACI Alloys, .