Lens generator coburn 2113


Subject: Lens generator coburn 2113
The Coburn 2113 lens surface generator is a digitally controlled machine specifically designed to grind the surface of plastic and polycarbonate ophthalmic lenses. The computer performs the quick positioning of cross and base curves data to conveniently avoid mistakes that on all other generators of its class are more common .Once the power is turned ON, you are able to enter the data amounts and the machine automatically positions to grind the surface of the lens. This particular unit has been recently serviced by qualified technical personnel and works in guaranteed perfect conditions. It is secured to a skid and is ready to go !.
The machine includes the following items:
* Original diamond wheel for plastic and poly.
* Complete set of prism rings
Please read this description thoroughly.
· Machine Specifications: Electrical supply of 230V single phase.
* Machine construction: The machine is built with long lasting materials.
· Machine capabilities: The machine is capable of cutting at plastic and polycarbonate lenses; and even glass if the proper wheel is installed. A vacuum unit may be required when working with poly.
This is a unit manufactured in the early 1990's and has been recently serviced.