Lenox instrument fiberscope bore inspection aircraft


Subject: Lenox instrument fiberscope bore inspection aircraft
This is a lightly used lenox fiberscope. It has been used very little. 55" long. Cost on this scope was over 12,000.00 dollars. It is not a cheap scope. The opticsa are perfect. Comes with the case and all accessories pictured. It is a model 6530. It was used to inspect large aircraft but could be used in many other fields.
* From a 747 to a Piper Cub, borescopes facilitate inspections without costly disassembly.
* Our instruments are used during the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft and helicopters.
* Configured into kits for commercial, military, business and private aviation.
* Lenox is recommended by a variety of manufacturers for applications as diverse as spacecraft hydraulic tubing inspection to an Ultraviolet Crack Inspection on a wing.
* Lenox borescopes are approved on jet engine inspection kits for the T700, T56, and CFM56. Fiberscopes - Flexible Borescopes
Lenox fiberscopes have solved some of the world's toughest inspection problems, in some of the most inaccessible and inhospitable places. Over the years, they developed and refined fiberscope technology and taken it to the limit of what optical technology will allow.