Leica\wild M420 trinocular macroscope w\ apozoom 6:1


Subject: Leica\wild M420 trinocular macroscope w\ apozoom 6:1
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Leica, the leading brand for microscopes and scientific instruments, offers the Leica M420 Macroscope for all tasks relating to documentation and investigation in which highest accuracy, optimum image quality and maximum information content are all paramount. The Leica M420 with 6:1 zoom typifies the outstanding quality attainable with the latest optical technology. With its vertical beam path, its apochromatic zoom objective and its extremely high resolution,the Leica M420 is the ideal instrument for faithful photography, parallax-free measurement and correct polarization colors.
The intrinsic zoom range of the Apozoom objective is from 5.8 ×to 35 ×, i.e. the zoom range down the binocular tube if 10 ×eyepieces are used is 7.3 ×to 43.8 ×. Because of its excellent chromatic correction for three spectral colours and for all intermediate tones, the Apozoom is the objective of choice if requirements stipulate maximum sharpness, highest resolution and maximum contrast rendition, even for the finest structures.
This system is composed of the following components:
* 10.210.657 - M420 optics carrier with iris diaphragm, inclined binocular tube and built-in phototube
* 10.400.076 - Apozoom objective 1:6
* 10.446.252 - Adapter for focusing drive
* 10.445.616 - Focusing drive, coarse/fine, with 300mm side-faced column, for incident- and transmitted-light bases
* 2x 10.445.111 - Wide-field eyepiece for spectacle wearers, 10×/21B, distortion-free, adjustable, with eyecup
* 10.446.302 - Centrable rotatable Pol. stage with polarizer and clear glass stage plate
* 10.382.130 - Attachable mechanical stage for centrable rotatable Pol. stage
* 10.399.211 - Arm, clampable, for lampholder
* 10.445.367 - Transmitted-light base HL, for highest requirements in observation and documentation, with adjustable mirror for vertical and oblique illumination
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