Leica wild M420 macroscope microscope


Subject: Leica wild M420 macroscope microscope
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Leica, the leading brand for microscopes and scientific instruments, offers the Leica M420 Macroscope for all tasks relating to documentation and investigation in which highest accuracy, optimum image quality and maximum information content are paramount. The Leica M420, with 5:1 zoom, typifies the outstanding quality attainable with the latest optical technology. With its vertical beam path, its achromatic zoom objective and its extremely high resolution, the Leica M420 is the ideal instrument for faithful photography, parallax-free measurement and correct polarization colours. The Leica M420 Macroscope offers perfect conditions for all possible types of documentation involving digital, cine, video and still cameras which can be equipped with the camera optics required and inserted into the built-in video-/phototube.
The Macroscope is a special type of instrument that offers large fields of view and long working distances as a stereomicroscope, providing non-destructive observation of unprepared objects. But the vertical beam path provides for parallax-free imaging, resulting in highest accuracy, top imaging fidelity, absolute faithful photography, high measuring precision and true rendering of polarization colours. The high-performance 5:1 Macrozoom objective offers an extremely high color fidelity, accuracy, contrast, sharpness and brilliance.
The Macrozoom objective is inscribed with the magnification range 6.3× to 32×. This means that, if 10× eyepieces are used in the binocular tube (which introduces a tube factor of 1.25×), objects can be observed at constant sharpness over a zoom range from 7.9× to 40×. The optical components are computed to give wide aperture and good resolution, multiple-coated to ensure high image contrast, and well corrected to produce image fidelity and crispness.
This system has the following specifications:
* Design principle: Vertical beam path, binocular observation
* Zoom objectives: Macrozoom 5:1, achromatic
* Built-in video-/phototube:
* Beam-splitter ratio: 50% video or photo, 50% observation
* Built-in stop for eliminating stray light during the exposure
* Magnification factor: 1.25× for observation and for photo/video
* Built-in aperture diaphragm: For adjusting the depth of field
* Numerical aperture: 0.116 / 0.232 with 2.0× additional objective
* Resolution: 348 lp/mm / 696 lp/mm with 2.0× additional objective
* Zoom range (with 10× eyepieces): Macrozoom: 7.9× – 40×
* Total magnifications: Macrozoom: 3.9× – 320×
* Field diameter: Macrozoom: 0.8 – 53.3 mm
* Working distances: Macrozoom: 100 mm, additional objective 0.5×: 192 mm, 2.0×: 39mm
* Additional objectives: For Macrozoom: 2.0×, 0.5× / for Apozoom: 2.0×, 0.4×
* Dioptric correction: +5 to –5
* Binocular tube: Ergonomically low, with 45° viewing angle
* Interpupillary distance: Range of adjustment 54 mm to 75mm
This system has a Wild MP551 Camera System, a Coaxial Illuminator, a Coarse\Fine adjustment knob, a 5:1 Macrozoom Lens, and a Polaroid 545 Film Holder.
It does not include anything that is not pictured.
This item is in excellent condition, working perfectly, and comes with a 14 Day Guarantee Against DOA.
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