Ledco laminator 27" xl-27 pouch laminator


Subject: Ledco laminator 27" xl-27 pouch laminator
Ledco Laminators The XL-27 Pouch Laminator XL27, a new large-format pouch laminator for mounting, simultaneous mounting and laminating, or laminating only, of materials up to 1 1/2" thick and up to 27" wide. The affordable XL27 Pouch Mounting Laminator is designed with special controls and features that simplify the mounting/laminating process, making it easy for even a novice operator. "Through market research and 27 years of experience, we have created a large-format mounting/laminating machine that eliminates most of the operator error common with other laminators," said Michael Hannon, president of Graphic Laminating, Inc. "Our easy-to-use XL27 simplifies mounting and laminating, requires no costly set-up or tear-down, and requires very little maintenance. It is affordable, highly reliable, and comes with a two-year manufacturer¹s warranty. It is a great value for any user." The adaptability of the XL27 increases productivity by enabling the operator to switch from one substrate, film, or board to another without time-consuming set-up or teardown. The unit has preset pressure and speed controls, incremental roller opening adjustments from 0 to 1 1/2" to accommodate almost any substrate up to 1.5 inches in thickness, and enclosed laminating rollers to conserve energy and provide a safe working environment. The adjustable heat controller has a temperature range from 200 °F to 400 °F to allow mounting and laminating for a variety of substrates, laminates, and applications. The XL27 Pouch Mount/Laminator can be used to protect and mount posters, ink-jet images, and other large-format printed materials, extending their "useful life" and enhancing their appearance and value. Manufactured solely in the United States the XL27 is high quality equipment and comes with excellent service and easy parts availability.
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