Ledco laminator 25" premier 4 220V roll thermal


Subject: Ledco laminator 25" premier 4 220V roll thermal
Ledco LaminatorsThe Premier 4 220V Laminator The Premier 4 represents an evolution in medium duty laminators, because it was designed exclusively for commercial applications, and because it sets a new benchmark for quality.
Whether it's judged by appearance, by ease-of-use, by durability and reliability, by the finished lamination, or by overall capabilities, the Premier 4 is unparalleled quality.
* Variable Speed - operates at any speed up to 10 feet per minute. Thicker films are generally applied better at mid-range to lower speeds, while 1.5 mil film should be applied at mid-range to higher speeds.
* Digital LCD Temperature Display - makes it easy to set and maintain the correct temperature. The indicator light inside the heat switch comes on as the machine warms up; at set temperature the indicator light turns off.
* Simple Controls- Conveniently placed switches provide a compact, reliable control pad, icons and international symbols are used for controls and safety warnings.
* Slitters - Experts know the value of slitters for laminating a quantity of same-size sheets. The slitters remove the side scrap from both of sides of each sheet as it goes through the laminator... this greatly reduces the amount of time required for trimming.
* Glitch-proof Threading - Threading can be the most difficult aspect of using a laminator, so the Premier 4 has built in threading aids. The top idler is guarded from the top heat shoe for safety and easy threading. The bottom idler is attached to the feed tray. Once the upper and lower webs of film have been run through the machine, bottom idler threading is automatic when the operator puts the feed tray on the machine.
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