Ledco industrial 30" thoroughbred high-speed laminator


Subject: Ledco industrial 30" thoroughbred high-speed laminator
Ledco Laminators Ledco 30" Thoroughbred High-Speed Laminator
The thoroughbred is designed for high-speed, cost effective laminating performanc: * Laminates materials up to 30 inches wide
* Profices variable-speed operation from zero to 65 fet perminute
* Laminates using films up to 10 mils think
Standard Features* Intelligent heat controllers display both the set and actual temperatures. Laminating and pull rollers feature superior release quality, high lamination quality, and easy cleaning
* Built in retractable slitters reduce cutting time by trimming side scrap away during the lamination process
* Dual tension knobs for each supply roll mandrel make film tension adjustments easy and accurate
* A safety guard built into the top heat shoe and enclosed rear rollers prevent operator injuries
* Upper and lower rollers are power driven tominize wrinkling or curling
* Forced air cooling with a built-in chill roll system provides the proper contact cooling required for high speed lamination
* Precision feed tray has left and right side guides for accurate feeding
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