Ledco econocraft ep 60 110V roll laminator


Subject: Ledco econocraft ep 60 110V roll laminator
Ledco Laminators LEDCO Econocraft EP 60 110v
Econocraft laminators are designed to: * Automate the application of pressure-senesitive adhesive tapes such as transfer tape, vinyl, sandblast or acid resistant tape, premask, adhesive film, and clear polyester
* Operate at a speed of up to 25 feet per minute with materials up to 1 inch think, and 30 inches to 60 inches wide
Standard Features Scrap rewind with an adjustable clutch to take up the release liner found on many pressure sensitive films * Supply roll tension knobs apply tension to the film or tape being applied to eliminate wrinkles
* Variable-speed motor operation enables operators to apply different materials to different substrates
* Reverse drive switch enables operators to back material out of the laminating rollers or correct material wrap around
* Foot switch to free hands to align and feed work
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