Lectrodryer industrial process gas dryer unused


Subject: Lectrodryer industrial process gas dryer unused
UNUSED on original pallet in excellent condition
This dual tower desiccant type gas dryer is specially designed to dry atmoshperic and clyinder gases. It dries exothermic gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, oxygen, and freon. The dual tower design allows a batch of gas to be dried in one tower while the other tower is reactivated. When a tower is done removing the moisture from the gas, it must be reactivated by blowing the captive volume of gas through an embedded electric reactivation heater and into a water cooled inner cooler. This process alternates between the two towers in 8 hour cycles and is fully controlled with a SLC 500 PLC. This unit is still on the original pallet and is unused in excellent condition. Complete manual included. Please call with any questions.
* Absorbtion Flowrate: 4000 scfh
* Absorbtion Operating pressure: 1.0 psig
* Absorbtion design pressure: 5 psig
* Absorbtion inlet: 40° F Dewpoint
* Absorbtion outlet: -60° F Dewpoint
* Power Supply: 460V / 3 PH / 60 Hz
* Cooling Water: 1.0 - 2 gpm @ 80 F max
* Reactivation blower speed: 1350 RPM
* Reactivation flowrate: 12.3 scfm
* Reactivation bed temperatures
* Heating: 350° F- 375° F