Lectro truck 6512E stair climber, vending machine mover


Subject: Lectro truck 6512E stair climber, vending machine mover
Lectro Truck 6512E Stair Climber
New w/ 2 Year Warranty - 1,500 lb. Lift Capacity - Factory Direct
From vending machines to water heaters, the Lectro Truck 6512E is guaranteed to make your next moving job a breeze. With a high-torque, 1.5 hp gear reduction motor, not even a steep flight of stairs will stand in your way. Turn what was a difficult 4-person job, into a simple 1 man move. The uses and possibilities are truly endless!
* 2 Year Factory Warranty On Motor & 1 Year On All Other Parts.
* Climb Stairs, Move and Lift Loads Of Up To 1,500 Pounds With Ease!
* Easy To Use; Designed For Safe Single Person Operation.
* Replaces The Need For A Hydraulic Tail Lift Gate.
* Quiet Battery Powered Operation; 12 Volt Battery & Charger Included.
* Built-In Tripod Included - Allows For Even Easier Moves!
Heavy Duty All Aluminum Construction.
68" H x 24" W x 19" D - 165 lbs.